#MeToo in USA and Bulgaria

The legal system related with domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual harassment is broken everywhere. The case for the US and for Bulgaria is completely different. In legal perspective, laws are applied to support the cases in protection of all forms of abuse/harassment against women but it is not strong enough. The US has the best example to bring and yet it needs a new law to building an improvement for situations related with sexual harassment at business industries/governmental agencies and NGOs. Bulgaria has nothing to offer in comparing the matters about that in overall with the US. A new approach is in a need to bring with a true legal reinforcement for all women experiencing domestic violence/sexual assaults and sexual harassment. The influence of #MeToo in worldwide via social media at political level is brought with a wake up call. That momentum is seen to bring the awareness of gendered violence related with women’s oppression and the power centered by men toward women.  The word “stigma” associated with #MeToo is not to reflect at all but it merely is about to reflect upon justice being provided in all matters and the change is to be brought for the best within the political and the industrial level even within the domestic partnerships. 

Highlighting the message from #MeToo – “I see you, I hear you, I believe you” is the significance that draws an attention to me to write about the ongoing issue of jurisprudence related with all matters of violence against women including the sexual harassment in Bulgaria. Paying a close attention to events happening at political/industrial level in this country within the judicial system have reflected to my mind that it is time to bring a positive change for all women to receive a good justice against all kinds of perpetrators. Speaking of that, Bulgaria has established officially a law on protection against domestic violence in 2005. Legally to look at it, it is poorly well written with no clear legal emphasis is being put to criminalize the domestic violence/sexual assault. It is clearly seen for this country to lack in having political influence on the protection against domestic violence and the importance of preventing the sexual harassment. Historically to speak accordingly to the events of domestic violence, Bulgaria has not shown within the criminal system to enact in complying the law for mandatorily to criminalize the domestic violence/sexual assault. What about the matter related with sexual harassment at political and industrial level? From my experiences to speak while living in this country, it is to say of not being recalled due to that nobody does raise this issue to enact in preventing any future sexual harassments in the workforce. In everyday life women in generality become victims of domestic violence/ sexual violence and sexual harassment. It is between a quarter and a third to fell for women experiencing domestic violence/sexual assaults. The statistics to reveal for sexual harassment is remained to be unknown. 

All the info with facts being provided for this matter here, I then ask with question mark about why Bulgaria has officially rejected to ratify the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Prevention and Combatting Domestic Violence. The controversy with a turmoil being accompanied have raised a concern for Bulgaria to have accepted this framework unconstitutionally. The cultural perspective with traditional practices and religious habits have reflected a lot in this framework. Feminism is lacking at this point and many would not be able to understand the significance of it when is referred to the matter of domestic violence/sexual assault and sexual harassment. My understanding when reading the Convention on the Prevention and Combating Domestic Violence, it is therefore clearly referred to contribute the educational meaning to enforce within the law the protection providing for all women from any form of domestic violence with criminalization including to put an end on all kinds of stereotypes. It does not refer to oblige legally to recognize the same sex marriage and to imply with new ideologies applied for women and men in a society. The only thing is that Bulgaria is confused in understanding the terminological reference of words such as sex and gender in its own language but in English in which it is referred in an exact way to have its own meaning. Liberally to think based on feministic ideological viewpoint, sex is referred to the origin of biologically to identify the gender while the gender is to refer to the social and cultural differences to apply in its own practice in everyday life. Indeed, the objective of this convention to being ratified within judicial system of Bulgaria will definitely help to provide a good justice, gender equality and a total protection for all women from any form of domestic violence/sexual assault including the understanding to prevent the future sexual harassment. It is the only document for Europe within international law to guide in providing protections and ways to combat all kinds of violence against women. 

How this situation in Bulgaria is being reflected to the US with #MeToo movement? Without to make comparative analysis of judicial framework in providing protection and combating domestic violence/sexual assaults for the US with Bulgaria, I will be speaking about how the legal framework reinforces with seriousness to criminalize all forms of violence against women including to provide prevention of sexual harassment. #MeToo is signified to break the silence among women and men either being perpetrators or victims. The impact of that silence is brought with an attention that justice to have is very important to exist in every single life of all human beings. Jurisprudence plays a powerful role that reinforce the legal framework in providing total protection of women against domestic violence/sexual assaults including to combat it with a total seriousness and to prevent future incidences of sexual harassments within the political and industrial level. Accordingly to criminal law with the concept to follow the common law with its own application for the US has generated to improve emphatically the law for all women including the criminalization of domestic violence/sexual assaults and sexual harassment throughout the years. No one is able to avoid the law facing the matter with criminalization. Police departments and judicial departments including all governmental agencies have learnt strictly to comply the law and to criminalize all forms of domestic violence/sexual assaults and sexual harassment. 

The initiatives addressed for #MeToo to tackle the sexual violence and sexual harassment in a society is brought to a realization of a fact that all kind of workplace needs to have a strong legislation to prevent in ever happening again. This momentum has sparked within the political spectrum raised by all women. Speaking for Bulgaria, this country should follow the example of how the legal framework is reinforced with good legislation and how the advocacy has promoted to bring on the political specter. It is fundamental to have a strong regulation with a protocol being established so the society can have a good judicial system on civil and criminal law. The society in generality needs to have a total protection being provided for all women against all kinds of violence and justice being well served with total fairness. Bulgaria is a member of European Union and it is time for this country to do something in having a good reinforcement of laws related with domestic violence/sexual assaults and sexual harassment. The country should never be left behind with a weak and a broken system. The Bulgarian community is voicing for it aloud and the government needs to pay a serious matter in improving the judicial system in providing protection against domestic violence for all women and in combating it with criminalization. Women are brought within the purview of humanity and it is the purpose within the international law to create a true legal order. Having a true legal order with criminalization is what we need to have including with a greater emphasize on sex education and consent education in public schools. Truth to be told is that crimes happen when education fails. An action for this cause is to make a difference with good significance! 

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