The question of racism/prejudice in Deaf community

Time is flying. Civil rights movements have been historically portrayed to show the lives of all US citizens, however the lesson learned is not to attain well today. The issue with racism is still there to exist among all of us. Nobody did not even pay an attention that racism is within the deaf disability. I speak for all kinds of deaf disability – deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing, deaf disabled and deaf with mental issues. This specific issue is well seen to occur at Gallaudet University. Many students including alumni ones raise the concern about this matter however it is not getting well responded within the community of all professors and staffs. The racism with prejudice within the deaf disability is referred to the matter of people of color and international students with culture of internationalism. This kind of community always face clashes, discomfort, no support being shared/received, discriminated and left behind to develop well for their future goals academically/professionally based on true mentorship/leadership. Everything at Gallaudet University is related to prejudice, racism and favoritism. With my true experiences, the anonymous person’s experiences who is an alumni student and other students’ experiences are to reflect in raising this concern via advocacy with civil rights/human rights laws and educational understanding of it at all levels.

   Stepping the foot on the property of Gallaudet University and seeing the campus with all professors, staffs and students using American Sign Language, I said to myself – WOW! A deaf university providing all classes with American Sign Language is totally impressive and it made me feel to be included on equal basis in having the access to all classes plus to communicate easily with the sign language without any frustrations to have. My struggle and my frustration is already gone and the life for me became so easy. Diversity with equality and inclusion is something that has impacted me in a big way. Being myself as internationalist with green card at this time and deaf with hearing mind was not easy to go through in all circumstances where prejudice, racism and favoritism play a huge role. All international students come and go. They come to study at this university as it is the only deaf university in the world being well recognized. The support for academic and professional goal is not to endeavor well. Many internationals would truly love to gain the US experiences via internships. Of course, the immigration laws related to visa is an obstacle to international students however there is no law that says it is not allowed for them to earn US experiences from internships and professional work. In all job fairs as well as at the career center was not in a good favor to provide a good moral support with inclusion and equality for the international students even for students with green card in gaining the opportunities to do internships or professional work outside Gallaudet University. My impact was that I have received the word at career center telling me “to figure it our by yourself and that’s your problem”. Receiving this advice, I was truly speechless in how career center did treat me. The welcome appreciation is gone in a big time. Attending the job fairs for different times, I only see governmental agencies and company firms being presented. Governmental agencies will not be any useful for international students even for students with green card as their requirement for getting an internship/a job is to be US citizen. The company firms are always to show competitive moments however my majors are not entitled for me to do any internships or a work there even though I have a green card. How favoritism with prejudice is being played on the campus of Gallaudet University? Favoritism is viewed at the level of where professors, staffs and students get picked over their favorite meaning of showing that this person is their favorite over other things even though based on being the person’s side for wherever it may be. It is viewed to select people for job positions/clubs to join based on favoritism to support the point at all levels. Prejudice within favoritism is always going to be there as it is about the judgement to use as well as the assumption based on gossiping stories with no truth is to be found. This kind of structural method often is to affect many international students including students of colors. Within all circumstances among students’ life on campus, I have been observant in noticing that every word or every story is played all around with no total privacy. The boundaries to cross in using favoritism and prejudice via judgement and gossiping stories is definitely not defined to support the version of diversity, inclusion and equality. It brings the discomfort-ability, and blockage to regain in a positive way for academic and professional purposes. Witnessing this issue in my time when I used to be student for my BA degree and seeing it to be continued in occurring toward present students even to alumni students, it is shockingly to see Gallaudet University being blind in using that kind of practice without to follow the main cores of diversity, inclusion and equality. 

     What is prevalent at this moment at Gallaudet University with the issue of inequality and racism? Why this university is so not immune to this big matter that is truly impacted in a huge way among all current/alumni students? Scrolling down and seeing the matter via Facebook and discussing with one of them the matter truly have reflected to my mind that it is time for this university to roll over their sleeves and start implementing the true meaning of diversity, equality, inclusion based on civil rights/human rights laws for all professors, staffs, current and alumni students. Speaking of the story being referred to an anonymous alumni student whose experiences were impacted with struggle and oppression due to being deaf black person has therefore raised the flag that people of colors truly matter among the deaf community with the various disabilities. The problematic trend with racism involving the injustices that portray in the erasure of history regarding black lives related with civil rights movement including for those people in calling people of colors with inappropriate words showing the racist mentality and bad references projecting no respect and understanding of how valuable is the civil rights movement for all people of color in everyday life. Everyday, the anonymous alumni student had to survive throughout all academic years with people projecting with racist behavior toward him and toward other people of colors and the way they have treated him for no good purpose he needed to get well served while he was student pursuing with true future opportunities. However, he did call, asked for and tried to advocate with the concern that the racist behavior and the erasure of history for people of colors related with civil rights movement including the biases shall be ceased and provide a visibility of diversity, equality and inclusion for all present/alumni students. Oppression, discrimination, societal barriers, stigma, and biases, injustices with inequality, racism and so on are to be eradicated. My view however is that this university represents for all deaf/deaf-blind, hard of hearing and disabled deaf the equality and the inclusion regarding of total access to all classes being thought in sign language and total breakage of barriers for their future employment. The matter to diversity is missing out and it is not well served within that university. Diversity is vital for everyone including for people of colors on equal footing. 

     Civil rights law and human rights law are the main cores to pinpoint the values, the laws and the rules we all shall live with total respect and equality with inclusion for all within all sectors of employment, education and health care. An example for Cornell University based on policy and initiatives for diversity, inclusion and equality is well recognized with total compliance for Federal and State laws including the civil rights/human rights laws in which it truly brings to have equal education and employment for all with commitment to an educational setting and workplace that is free from discrimination with biases, stigma, oppression and harassment. The main goal for all current/former students, professors and staffs with diverse backgrounds and experiences is to bring great value to education, discovery, creativity, and engagement which is reflected in the history of diversity and inclusion. It is to this point that Gallaudet University shall serve in this exact example with good cause for all deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing, disabled deaf and hearing people on the campus. True to my heart, the values enshrined for civil rights law and human rights law for education and workforce setting in all universities is vital to serve the commitment in which is to make for all current/former students, professors and staffs in total equality with inclusion and diversity. Professors and staffs in all settings is thus to be there for all current and former students. All are there to address the issues, to seek a solution for future perseverance, and to represent the commitment to all values enshrined in civil rights law and human rights law. At this point, all shall be referred to Equal Education and Employment Opportunity in which it safeguards the whole point that all are there to receive, to gain and be part of it in getting the equal opportunities at academic and employment level. Time has come and it is the call needed to address with my voice in advocating the concern among all students- current and former, staffs and professors. Goal is to reshape the university serving that exact goal and we all can do it! 

Deafness’ Approachment toward Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

Seeing through the lenses of my life with deafness, I notice at all levels even in the workplace that nobody gets to the point to accept that the different abilities can contribute equally with diversity to the society as being disabled or non-disabled. Approachment with deafness and all kinds of disabilities is something needed to be addressed here with total advocacy. The time has come to this to reveal regarding of my experiences about how approach my issues with my deaf identity.

I approach my issues with my deaf identity by showing that I am capable of anything except that I cannot hear very well. Many do not see how my disability can be contributed to the office’s goals/missions because they look at it differently. While for me that disability shows no difference at all as we all are human beings and we all have different abilities to do regarding all types of job positions. Disability and non-disability is to contribute mutually and to each other to benefit as to make one society as a whole. World is never born to be perfect. World is born to have differences with different abilities.

I am deaf, I can write, read, and analyze but in communication setting- I need an access to communication via services in order for me to have a total participation. Regarding of this, I can be creative and adapt to the requiring things that most jobs need to be met. Experiencing to live in all countries and identifying myself regarding of this as a multicultural person is an asset to my disability making more advantageous at employment level. In all of job positions is always to work with a computer for projects to write, data to evaluate, social media to monitor, to read analyses plus many more that involves for duty responsibilities to perform but one and one of the most important of all is an email to produce for communication with a total participation to fulfill the tasks to the fullest. Of course, in all job setting, an office phone and cell phone are always to exist no matter what. What is the most accessible for all people with deafness/deafblind at the employment level of the job? Definitely, it is the computer with emails which is to make total accessibility including to produce notetaking notes for me to read when I am in the meeting. Regarding of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the US, it is defined in the saying that it gives rights of equal access to places of public accommodation and in Title III is said to have requirement being met for deaf and hard of hearing people for the businesses and agencies to remove the total barriers to communication. Except the US with this disability rights law, my saying for other countries to comply well within this kind of law is poorly performed and provide insufficient resources to accommodate the accessibility services for communication for all deaf/deafblind people. So for the US, I am aware that I am able to get the accessibility services in no question being asked. The point is that it takes forever to get these accommodated services in spite of financial burden the offices need to provide for. In a reality, we all have computers, home phone and cell phone at the employment level but the office phone definitely does not meet the criteria of all deaf/deafblind people. Having the computer for emails and cellphone fpr text messages make the accessibility source to include all deaf/deafblind people on equal basis for teamwork to have an inclusive participation. The only thing is leaving the whole point is that I will always be a bit behind regarding to access to information. Being behind regarding to access to information is that all people who are non-disabled keep to communicate at all levels forgetting that the disabled ones – deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing are there. My view is that the non-disabled have the communication access in receiving the information and in speaking freely the context with deep discussion due their hearing abilities. The hearing abilities are the powerful tool people often to look for in getting the needed things in a very competitive manner. My deafness during the job interview and even at the employment often is looked to be a competitive manner no matter what. Showing my abilities, my critical analysis and creativity needed to present in order to get the job, I often use the spoken language and sometimes the sign language interpreters. The spoken language and my signing language regarding of my deafness, I always try my best to make a point to contribute something with my identity for the office in meeting their goals/mission in an equal footing. My contribution with my abilities have produced to be powerful asset to them however that contribution seemed to them of not being well enough competitive regarding of other candidates. The same thing happens when I am at work trying to process well the information in a very quick manner via the spoken language without the access to sign language interpretation, computer to write emails, note-taking or something like that. The point is that people in a reality looks for people who get quickly the information and quickly to be able to respond no matter what while for me it needs a moment till I get the whole point via the lip-reading/written communication. For hearing, it is the communication tool that makes them powerful to compete while the deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing are unable as they always leave behind due to not being able to access fully to the information/communication. It is applied for job interviews to look at this way when deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing grasp the information via spoken communication.

Many people do not think of providing an equal point in one whole society in the labor market. They only will look at how much people can compete, how much people can be well persuasive in the communication setting and how well the person represents the experience via communication tools. Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people are the same as hearing people to have at the same level of education with professional skills but to them it is to look at the assets of power for communication. The point again is that many do not have any patience to this when there is deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing person working in one respective job position. All is about to advance and to compete in completing the nature of work under total pressure. Deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing are able to compete under pressure no matter what and they are very well skilled in a total observation, in seeing the clear picture behind the true words, are able to read well the body language meaning they can detect the lie perception, they have the good skills to grasp the whole information quickly when they read and many more. Imagine that the deaf and hard of hearing people are totally dependable on reading information 24 hours a day including to watch and use the eyes for all communicative tools than through the ears so the point is that they are overly balanced to their eyes than the ears for all the times. The hearing people do two things – hearing and seeing but they miss some things in one whole picture. The deaf/hard of hearing see everything at once while their ears are just totally closed and no receptive sounds for them to get. They only can feel the vibrations at all times. It is why the disability at this point has its own abilities while the non-disabled do not have these kind of abilities.

Inclusion, diversity and equality is what the workforce should search for and make all inclusive between disabled and non-disabled. Barriers for communication should be tackled. Having the obstacle to communication among deaf/deafblind and hard of hearing people is the thing they always have to fight entirely for the rest of their life. This kind of community will always face this struggle in order to achieve equally the opportunities with the non-disabled communities. For them it is slow progress to achieve regarding of communication access while for the non-disabled is the quick progress to achieve depending the resources available to get via candidacy pooling, networking and competing moments in life.